Poker Analytics

  • Knowledge is power... and understanding your poker analytics is the single most powerful thing you can do to help your poker room. With Neo Poker Lab's in-depth analysis of your poker room data, we can give you the insight you need to increase the value from your best players, and identify your trouble spots.

  • Using our proprietary algorithms, you will receive easy to understand analyses and a set of metrics that you will use to make key decisions in balancing your player ecology in the right direction. All the player data is completely anonymized, so Neo will NEVER receive any personal player data or details.

Global Player Analysis

As mentioned above knowing your overall player data is critical to building and sustaining a successful poker room. With our extensive experience in the online poker market for 15 plus years, and our advanced analytical algorithms, Neo will unlock every aspect of your global player data, and it will speak volumes to you.

  • Sharks

    Identify the sharks, before they can do damage to your poker ecology. We can provide business intelligence that will allow you to spot a shark early, so you can take proactive measures before they eat your expensive casual players.

  • Useful Players

    We analyze traits and characteristics of what a useful (valuable), player looks like, BEFORE he is valuable, so you can make the effort to attract and retain similar players with specific offers they are likely to respond to.

  • Negative Players

    It's not just sharks that can hurt your room. There are other types of players that are draining resources from your room, and our analytics will identify those players and make specific suggestions to rectify their negative impact.

  • Distribution of Players

    Neo Poker Lab's analysis will help you identify the "Good, Bad and Ugly" players in your room. We'll provide you with a detailed report, and offer our expert advice for improvement.

Business Optimization

Beyond the use of our brains just for poker data analytics, our expertise runs the full gamut of disciplines in the successful management of an online poker business, (i.e. marketing, operations, payment solutions, etc.), and we would be more than happy to share that knowledge with you. Contact your Neo Poker Lab representative to discuss which options work best for you. Whether it's our awesome software development skills, our business intelligence expertise, and whether you are a brand new operator, or a seasoned veteran of the business, Neo can help.

Rake Model Analysis

  • Neo's experienced team can analyze the current rake on all of your different tables (i.e. by stakes, games, player type, etc.), and help you optimize it at every level.

  • Our forecast modeling will allow you to adjust variables in the model to see what the impact on your revenue would be, with exceptional accuracy.