• When the majority of people think about school, they recall mundane teachers, regurgitating facts out of a text books... Boring! Neo Poker Lab understand this fact, and combats this issue with a fun and interactive poker application designed to engage players of all different skill level, and teach them every aspect of poker at their own pace.

  • In today's fast paced, instant gratification world, people don't make the time to watch instructional videos, or read books on the subject, they want to learn as they are playing. What better way than a simulated play for fun poker application that is so realistic, it is hard to tell the difference. Schedule a demo with your Neo representative to see for yourself.


Your users will surely appreciate the value add of in depth poker training, without having to pay a poker coach. And you will benefit by having more educated players in your poker room to balance the player ecology.

  • Neo's on call 24/7

    The robust poker school application and the ability for your players to be able to pause their training, and pick it back up at their convenience, is like having a poker coach in their pocket.

  • AI-Advisor

    Like on the job training, the AI Advisor features can be fully customized to match your player's styles and skill levels. This means it can communicate to your users in clear, easy to understand language as to why they should call, fold or raise in various situations.

  • Lessons

    When your users move from casual players to more intermediate players, and they are looking for the skills in a more detailed and granular fashion, Neo's lessons feature offer the perfect solution. From calculating pot odds, to learning the nuances to the squeeze play, in clear, easy to understand language.

Advanced training tools

Through the natural progression of learning by using the techniques in realistic situations throughout the poker school lessons feature, some of your players will crave further learning of the most advanced poker skills used by today's professional players. For these elite players, we have the advanced training tools powered by the pinnacle of Neo's AI.

  • Self Analyzer

    Allow your players to compare their skills against other opponents with our self analyzer. This feature uses our proprietary algorithms to match playing style and proper decision making, while eliminating the "luck" factor from its assessment criteria.

  • Training Scenario Constructor

    The flexibility of our AI system allows you to custom tailor the level and depth of training features your players can engage with. The level of detail is exceptional, and its useful applications are only limited by your imagination.