Skill Poker™

  • Reduce the Skill Gap

    The advanced AI opponents increase in strength at each level. Set customized goals for your players so when they come back to your real money poker room, they will be able to play longer and generate more revenue for your room. name_of_link

  • Create More Confidence

    The 22 Poker Skill Levels (PSL) form a natural progression of learning. Each level is carefully designed to levels create a sense of achievement from your players, thus increasing confidence.

  • Increase Player Engagement

    Even in the 'Instant Gratification' world, our clients are finding that after players have interacted with the Skill Poker™ app for as little as two hours, they are significantly increasing their playing time when they get back to their real money tables.

  • Poker Skill Level (PSL)

    Setting the standard for quantifying an online poker player's skill level, Neo's proprietary PSL algorithms have set the standard in artificial intelligence poker. For your players, it's like having a poker coach in their pocket.

  • Built In Education

    Eliminating the need to watch hours of training videos, or read all the books on poker, Skill Poker™ allows players to learn at their own pace in a fun and interactive poker environment.

  • Competitive Advantage

    With the built in Leaderboard, Skill Poker™ brings out the competitive nature of even the casual poker player. Everyone wants to see how they stack up against their competition, and now they can with the universally accepted PSL standard found exclusively in Skill Poker™.

Customizable Features

  • interactive poker school

    Learning system for weaker players, preparing them to play for real money. Consists of consistent themed game levels (lessons) against bots, from the very simple to the complex. The objective is the development of different poker skills, poker knowledge is assessed by the poker AI. Everything happens in the form of a game with constant advice of the AI poker coach. This component serves as an assistant for those who can't pass PSL. In doing so, this increases the average

  • Case Study

    Using the Skill Poker™ app, Lotos Poker (an 888 licensee), saw a 115% ROI in the first 20 weeks from players that had reach PSL 10, and subsequently received a $20 no deposit bonus in their real money poker room.

  • You're Next

    We've built your stand alone, Skill Poker™ turnkey microsite, and you can be leveraging this technology to improve your player conversion numbers by the end of this week. It's really that simple. Contact us for a demo today.

How to start today

  • Getting started is easy with a seamless integration into your existing site, or a custom turnkey solution. Contact your Neo Poker Representative to discuss which option works best for you.

  • We can create your branded reskin on any social, web (flash, html5) or mobile platform. We can both integrate Skill Poker™ into your web site, poker software, mobile app in a form of iframe or provide stand alone turnkey solution (microsite or mobile app).