White Label Poker

  • If you are looking to get into the social poker gaming space, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the lack of player liquidity. Reaching critical mass is the single most important milestone in creating a successful poker room. With Neo's white label poker solution, and its Instant & Smart Liquidity™, you will have critical mass from day one!

  • With Neo's extensive experience in the gaming space, the white label solution and its unique an innovative features will give your branded and customized social poker room exactly what it needs to stand out from the "me too" poker rooms that are currently on the market.

How does it work?

  • You can pick and choose from a multitude of proprietary features and functionalities, or you tell us exactly what you want develop, and we will customize and build the app your precise specs. Think of Neo as more than just artificial intelligence software development company, and more of an extension of software development team.

  • The relationships we form with our clients are more like partnerships. Based on our revenue share model, we have a vest interest in insuring that the products and services we provide, are generating the maximum ROIs possible. This means, even after the final product is delivered, the fun part of A/B testing and tweaking the products to produce better metrics is just getting started.

Key Features

  • Instant & Smart Liquidity™

    "Usage builds usage!" This means, when players see other players playing, they have the psychological reassurance to try it themselves. The opposite of this is, "The lack of usage is deadly!". So how do you build a play for fun poker room that has plenty of players the moment you launch the room? You spend literally millions of dollars advertising and marketing your brand and hope players come, or you launch with Neo's exclusive, Instant & Smart Liquidity™.

  • Instant & Smart Liquidity™ (Cont.)

    This feature is so important, it actually gets two panels on our website. What is Instant & Smart Liquidity™? The instant part is self explanatory. From the moment you launch your social poker room using our liquidity, the tables will have our sophisticated AI playing at all the tables, while always leaving an empty seat for your human customers. The Smart part of the liquidity is much more interesting. This means you can control the poker room ecology and the player chip balances by adjusting the playing strength of our AI opponents.

  • Skill Tests

    Within your branded white label poker solution, Neo includes a fun a captivating skill test that your players can use to test their poker playing chops. Cleverly designed to include a natural progression mechanic, our AI and proprietary algorithms allow your players to compare their moves against optimal playing strategy. There is also a leaderboard which allows you as an operator to offer rewards and prizes for players that improve their skills.

  • Rewards

    What is the motivating factor for someone playing poker? 'Outthinking' your opponent... The sense of achievement... winning something for nothing... Regardless of your player's motivation, Neo's white label solution ties in nicely to your exiting rewards program. Don't have a rewards program, we've got you covered there with a seamlessly integrated solution that can house all your customized rewards. Behold the dangling carrot!

Loyalty System

  • As an extension of the rewards program, or possibly a precursor to it, your white label solution will have a built in loyalty points system that is fully customizable to your specific needs. This is a key driver in prolonging your player's engagement, and ultimately their life time value to you as an operator.

  • Getting started is easy with a seamless integration into your existing site, or a custom turnkey solution. Have a look at some of the unique Social Poker Features you can add to your custom social poker room. Contact your Neo Poker Representative to discuss which options and features work best for you.